Thai Inside Lunch Menu

From noon to 4 pm

Pad Thai Jeh
Fried rice noodles with tofu, scrambled eggs, peanuts, bean sprouts, lime juice and a tamarin sauce

Pla Lachs Yang 
Wok vegetables in a black pepper sauce and garlic with grilled salmon

Gaeng Massaman Gai / Tauhu  
Creamy massaman curry with potatoes, onions, ginger and coconut milk, choice of chicken or tofu

Gai Aroy / Tauhu Aroy
Chicken breast fillet pickled in red curry paste / (or pickled tofu) with roasted miniature corn, sugar snap peas, green asparagus, assorted mushrooms, carrots and cashew nuts in a cinnamon spice sauce

Gai / Tauhu Pad Medmamuang
Roasted vegetables and cashew nuts in a mild chili sauce, choice of chicken or tofu

Ped Pad Nam Daeng
Duck with sugar beans, tomatoes, miniature corn and onions in a red orange juice, soy and whisky sauce, choice of rice or yellow noodles

Pad Milüang
Fried yellow noodles with wok vegetables, choice of chicken or tofu

Gai Pad Grapau 
Roughly minced chicken with bamboo strips, long beans, mix of aubergines, peppers and hot basil in a spicy oyster sauce served with a fried egg


Side Dishes  2,50 € each

daily    vegetarian spring rolls / salad

Monday & Saturday    Tom Kha Gai
Spicy soup with chicken breast, lemongrass, galangal roots, onions, coriander, mushrooms and coconut milk

Tuesday    Tom Grati Fagtong
Vegetarian pumpkin-coco-curry soup

Wednesday    Tom Yam Wunsen
Spicy glass noodle soup with prawns and chicken balls, pumpkin strips and leafy vegetables

Thursday    Tom Grati Wunsen
Vegetarian coconut milk soup with glass noodles, tofu and leafy vegetables

Friday & Sunday    Giau Nam
Mild soup of dumplings filled with minced chicken, shrimps and vegetables


Water Fall
Fresh lime juice with mineral water and sugar syrup

Cha Jen
Ice tea with fresh limes and brown cane sugar

Freshly squeezed juice