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Finally the time has come! After a long 7-month break due to Corona, we are looking forward to welcoming you back on Friday, June 4, 2021!

Please note the current infection prevention regulations:

  • Contact restrictions inside 6 people from 3 households (plus children 14 up to 14) with reservations and testing required or recovered or vaccinated. Mask requirement except at tables
  • Contact restrictions outside 10 persons from 5 households (plus children up to 14) without testing obligation


Since 2003 we have been serving modern, authentic Thai cuisine from the Land of Smiles in THAI INSIDE in the centre of Berlin next to Alexanderplatz and the TV tower.

In doing so, we rely on strict glutamate-free and fresh food.

Indulge your eyes and palate with spicy curries, exotic sauces and sweet desserts.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

Kanda Danzeglocke with her cooking and service team


3 grilled chicken or tofu skewers with a spicy peanut curry sauce and a cucumber salad with lime juice dressing optional with
6,60|tofu 5,60

Dim Sum Ruamnidt
Mixed steamed dumplings with fillings from shrimps, pork, beef, water chestnuts, bamboo and potatoes served with soy sauce dip and a sweet-sour sauce dip

Gyoza Gai
Steamed dumplings filled with chicken meat, potatoes, leeks and soybeans  – served with a soy tamarind sauce

Giau Thod
Fried dumplings with a filling of Shredded shrimps and chicken with a spicy sweet-sour sauce

Spring rolls made of glass noodles, chicken cutlets  – or corn and white cabbage – with taro potatoes, sweet potatoes anda spicy tamarin sauce
chicken 5,90|maize + white cabbage 5,20


Tom Kha
Spicy soup with lemon grass, galangal roots, onions, coriander, mushrooms and coconut optional with
chicken 5,90  |  shrimps 6,50  |  tofu 4,90 

Tom Yam 

Spicy soup with mushrooms, galangal roots, onions, coriander and lemon grass optional with
5,90  |  shrimps 6,50  |  tofu 4,90 

Giau Nam
Mild soup of green leafy vegetables, zucchini, carrots as well as with chicken, shrimps and and crab meat filled dumplings

Tom Grati Fagtong
Pumpkin soup with fried pumpkin pieces, basil and coconut milk optional with
shrimps 6,50 | sweet potatoes 5,50   


Sate Som Tam 
Spicy green papaya salad with peanuts, tomatoes and green beans in a tamarind sauce and a peanut curry sauce optional with
2 chicken skewers 9,90  |  tofu 7,90

Spicy salad with ground lemon grass, rice kernels, galangal roots, lemon juice, onionsand coriander optional with
chicken 8,30  |  beef 9,50  |  duck 10,50

Yam Wunsen 
Glass noodle salad with onions, lime juice, tomatoes, peanuts and coriander optional with
chicken 7,50  |  beef 9,50 |
shrimps 9,50  |  tofu 6,60


Pad Thai
Thin fried rice noodles with tofu, scrambled eggs, peanuts, bean sprouts, lime juice and a tamarind sauce optional with
chicken 8,90 | beef 10,90 | prawns 11,90 | tofu 8,90

Pad Si-Iu
Fried wide rice noodles with scrambled eggs and leaf vegetables in a soy sauce optional with
8,90 |  beef 10,90 |
prawns 11,90  | tofu 8,90 

Pad Milüang
Fried yellow noodles with wok vegetables optional with
8,90  |  beef 10,90 | 
duck 11,90  |  tofu 8,90


we serve with brown wholemeal rice

Gaeng Daeng   

Creamy red curry with long beans, eggplant, coconut milk, bamboo, paprika and basil optional with
chicken 12,90 | beef 13,90 | duck 15,50 |  seafood 16,90  | tofu 10,90

Gaeng Khiau Whan 
Green curry with young bamboo, long beans, Thai eggplant, coconut milk and basil optional with
12,90 | beef 13,90 |
salmon 13,90 | tofu 10,90

Gaeng Massaman 
Creamy massaman curry with potatoes, onions, ginger, peanuts and coconut milk optional with
12,50 | beef 13,90

Jasmine Rice

Pad Nam Deng
Sugar beans, tomatoes, miniature corn and onions in a red orange juice, soy and whisky sauce optional with
12,90  |  beef 13,90  | 
duck 14,90  | tofu 10,90 

Pad Whan King 
Ginger, green pepperoni, onions, basil and cashew nuts in a spicy soy sauce optional with
chicken 12,90  |  beef 13,90  |  tofu 10,90 

Pad Grapau 
Fried rice with bamboo strips, long beans, aubergines, peppers and hot basil in a spicy oyster sauce optional with
12,90  | beef 13,90  | 
seafood 15,90 | tofu 10,90


Bua Loi
Coconut meat and small balls of pumpkin, Thai taro and sweet potatoes and pandan leaves in a coconut milk and palm sugar bowl

Khao Neau Mamuang
Steamed sticky rice with coconut milk and fresh yellow mango fruits

Mango Loti
Crispy pancakes filled with fresh yellow mangoes served with coconut ice cream and whipped cream

We are looking forward to welcome you!

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